PaysafeCard Casinos, or Where to Deposit Securely

Author: Anna Ross

Have you ever heard of Paysafecard? Among all the gambling companies, Paysafecard casino variants enjoy special attention. And to tell the truth, this attention is absolutely deserved.  There, you can find the best offers, most of them offer super good bonus codes and other promotion options.


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So, what is a Paysafecard casino and why is this payment option so much trusted by many gamblers? What are its pros and drawbacks and which such type of casino names are recommended? Which of them exist at all? This all we will explain in the most detailed way.

PaysafeCard – Some Information

Paysafe Group is one of the biggest consortiums that includes some of the leading payment providers such as Neteller, Paysafe Card, Skrill. Annual revenues of the group amount to billions of US dollars, and the safety level is superior indeed.

When you want to make a deposit in PaysafeCard casino, you don’t need to provide any personal, financial, or any other information that can be stolen or misused. All you need to do is to get a voucher for a specific sum. You can do it either online or in special places.

Then, open your account in the casino. Choose there this payment variant, insert the 16-digit code that can be found on a voucher. And that’s it, your deposit is made. No financial or other data, just 16 digits. It sounds like a perfect way to play in any online casino.

We shall admit that this payment variant is accepted not in all the countries, just in 40 of them. However, the enterprise is aimed to expand its services to wider markets. And come on, 40 countries are actually a lot indeed!

This option is super popular in Europe. So, you can easily use it if you live in England, Germany, Austria, and similar. However, in the USA, Canada, and the majority of other English-speaking countries it doesn’t provide its services yet. Even in such loyal countries as Australia and New Zealand it is not used yet. We hope though that these drawbacks are going to be eliminated soon. At least, the territory where this way can be used is expanding rapidly.

Online Casinos that Accept Paysafecard

Not all casinos accept PaySafeCard for now. But among those that accept, you can find the best options indeed. Just some of them are here.

JackpotCity Casino

This is one of the most reputable and the most trusted casinos online indeed. It successfully competes in the online gambling scene thanks to its reliability, user-friendliness, super advanced and convenient layout of the website. More than 500 games of all the types are available for you to try and win. One of the most important advantages of the provider is no doubt incredibly impressive bonuses. Deposit and withdrawal methods are the most varied, and it accepts this payment variant for funding your account.

Ruby Fortune Casino

One of the things this online casino Paysafe is proud of is the security level. Ruby Fortune takes all the possible precautions to protect its players in all the imaginable regards. The casino started its operation in 2003, and since then, it is known as fun, safe, highly responsive and simply one of the most trusted online casinos that exist nowadays. If you are looking for the combination of the best features in a gambling provider, this is an option for you.

Royal Vegas Casino

One more leader in the gambling market scene, Royal Vegas, is also a PaysafeCard online casino. For now, the payment provider can take pride in the selection, indeed. Royal Vegas is one of the most known online casinos thanks to its exclusive benefits available to players. It has been around for about 20 years, so this is a casino with experience. It has overcome many crises and still has stayed the hub for those gamblers who value a good selection of the most beneficial and varied games (more than 700 of them), safety, and the fact that payers are the casino`s priority. Add huge bonuses (just a welcome bonus might exceed 1,000 USD), and you will get a perfect gambling place.

Sloty Casino

This is a perfect online casino Paysafe for those who are tired of those heavy experienced casinos that have taken their places long ago and look like they have never updated their websites since then. Sloty Casino started its operation in 2016, so it is not a brand-new provider, but it is one of the most innovative players in the industry. More than 1,000 of games, among which you can find the offers from well-known giants such as Microgaming, and the newest developers, take care of all the players. The safety level corresponds to the casino`s general level. And its promotions take the breath away. Just a welcome bonus is more than 1,000 USD, and in addition, a couple of free spins are added.

Casino Cruise

Casino Cruise is one more casino that for sure deserves your utmost attention. This is a Paysafe Card casino, which is an advantage. This is one of the most unique casinos ever, doesn’t matter what aspect of it you choose. Cruise casino was designed with the aim to make you feel special, and it complies with all the expectations completely. Here, you get superior treatment as if you were traveling on a cruise liner. Customer support is just great and they treat every client as a special guest. The games selection is impressive, doesn’t matter your taste, budget, or whatever else. The bonuses are meant to pamper every player doesn’t matter the deposits and other conditions. and the safety level is just superior. This is a casino to try at least once in your life. Even if you don’t like it, you will never forget it.

Paysafe Card Casino: Convenient and Safe

It is not surprising that many players prefer this way to fund their gambling accounts. When you pay with Paysafe, you don’t need to provide any sensitive data nor do you need any registration procedures with your banking provider. Everything is done via a simple confirmation by typing in a code that is in your voucher. And that’s it, you can play.

Making a Deposit Is Easy

Making a deposit has never ever been so simple. While if you fund your gambling account from your bank account, via your bank card or an e-wallet, you run into a number of risks. You need to provide some data (name, address, numbers, and similar) that give access to your personal information and, therefore, your financial information can be accessed to and misused. One more significant drawback is the lack of anonymity. Every of the mentioned methods doesn’t keep your transactions confidential. Thus, in all your transaction history, deposits to a casino account will be seen. If you are hiding the fact that you gamble from your surroundings, it might be not convenient to use those methods.

In all the regards, a casino deposit PaysafeCard offers is more beneficial. You don’t provide any information at all. And nobody will ever know about the transaction unless you tell them about it.

Making a deposit via this payment variant is extremely easy even if you aren’t tech-savvy.

Just buy a voucher for the needed sum. Note please one important detail. There are vouchers that are sold to teenagers. Those vouchers can be bought by somebody who isn’t 18 years old yet. They are extremely useful for some online purchases, but none online casino will accept them. Thus, make sure you buy a voucher for an adult. Then, you can use it for gambling.

Then, in the casino cashier, select this payment variant as a deposit method. Provide a code that is given in the voucher, and type in the sum that you want to send. And that’s it. The money will arrive to your account instantly. Now, all is ready for you to start with your favorite game.

If you use your mobile device for gambling, Paysafe is a perfect option for you, too. A mobile casino PaysafeCard usually offers the same options as its desktop version. Paysafe itself offers a very nice mobile app to download and install. With it, you can use any Paysafe option just as if you are using a desktop. You can also check the condition of your Paysafe account if you have one. Don’t worry though about your funds at all. In any case, it doesn’t matter what you play and how much you lose, you will never be able to spend more than the sum for which you have funded your Paysafe account. It is incredibly convenient for those who cannot control their expenses carefully.

Where to Get Vouchers?

If you live in a country where this payment variant is accepted, you will find plenty of places to get a voucher. There are special outlets. Some exchangers sell them (just make sure you are buying your voucher from a reputable exchanger). And finally, vouchers can be gotten online.

Is Making Withdrawals with PaysafeCard the Same Easy?

It has been told a lot about the convenience of making deposits with this payment method. Therefore, it is logical to move on to withdrawals, too. Moreover, we guess, many players are expecting the same safety and convenience.

Here, however, we will disappoint you. It doesn’t matter how convenient this payment variant is for deposits, it has one very significant drawback: it cannot be used for withdrawals. There is just no option to withdraw to this payment variant. However, every casino that offers this deposit method offers also plenty of ways to get your funds back. Thus, you can select something that is more profitable for you.

Casino Types Where You Pay with PaySafeCard

So, what casinos accept this payment variant? Basically, all types of them. If the main platform is fine with the method, and the casino is allowed to operate in your location, you can use this option.

Mobile gambling is becoming one of the main ways to play casino games. It opened the doors of online casinos to those players who have never owned a lap or a PC. It is a great way to continue enjoying their favorite activity for those players who travel a lot and cannot carry their computer around. Finally, it allows you to use every second of free time, whether you are waiting in a queue or having a coffee break at work.

Now, all the modern casinos offer mobile versions that are absolutely the same functional as their desktop copies. Thus, this payment variant is available from all those mobile websites where it is available from computer websites.

PaysafeCard itself has taken care to provide gamblers with the most extensive top-quality experience. It has a special app for mobile devices. It allows you to perform all the transactions safely and conveniently. Moreover, you can comfortably monitor all the transactions from your mobile device, they are all in your account.

If your choice is to play in a casino that provides the most seamless experience and which mobile platform works flawlessly, pick up one from our list.

PaysafeCard in Live Casinos

Live casinos are enjoying the constantly growing popularity. It is absolutely not surprising if you have an idea of what a live casino is. Live games are streamed online, thus, in this regard, a live casino can be compared with an online casino. The main difference is in the way the games are presented. They are all streamed either from live studios or even from a real casino. Players can see everything that is happening at a gambling table via multiple cameras. With special functions, you can scroll to check different table parts, zoom in and out for a better experience.

You don’t play with a machine but with a real person, a live dealer. The dealer gives the cards out, spins a roulette wheel, throws a ball, and similar. If you have a microphone, even the simplest one, you can talk to the dealer, and he/she will reply. Most modern casinos offer a special chat to socialize with other players. They will participate if they want to.

These all features are intended to create the most realistic experience that it is possible. They are meant to bring a real casino to your home. And, as long as they are normally integrated in an online casino offering, you can pay there with a Paysafe card.

PaysafeCard in New Casinos

Paysafecard is known for being very safe, convenient, and fast. That’s why the majority of new casinos use it. This is one of the options, along with numerous super generous promo codes, to attract more players.

With new casinos, you can count on the most innovative slots, the majority of which are available for free play. Plenty of other incredibly lucrative things are available, too, just check them out. And don’t forget about safety! Even the most generous casino shall be legal and have a license!

Bonuses and PaysafeCard

Bonuses are an inseparable part of any good casino. We know that many players look exclusively for the most lucrative bonuses, and if a casino offers a no deposit code, it is considered the best casino ever. That’s why bonuses take a special place in any review, and ours one is not an exception.

On its own, PaysafeCard casino bonus doesn’t exist. Paysafe doesn’t offer any exclusive bonuses, you just use this payment method as it is. However, this is not a drawback at all. For now, we don’t know a payment method that would offer some bonuses to its users. But we know a lot of casinos that do so willingly in a hope to attract many new clients and to motivate their constant players to play and spend more.

For that, bonuses are offered.

Unlike Neteller and Skrill, deposits with which are frequently not eligible for receiving any bonuses of promos, Paysafecard casino bonus doesn’t have such limitations. If your casino offers some types of a deposit bonus, you will get it if you send money with this payment variant.

Thus, you can count on a welcome bonus. Your Paysafecard payment always complies with any requirements that a casino might ever have for the bonus receipt. Don’t forget though that with any cash bonus, wagering comes very frequently. Calculate properly which sum you can wager, then only you can use your bonus cash in the best way.

Does your casino give a no-deposit bonus? If you comply with the conditions, just use it! With your Paysafe deposits, you don’t have any limitations to request any no-deposit bonus or to use it in any way the casino allows.

A referral bonus is a rare one nowadays. But if you find one, you can refer your friends. Some companies still give some bucks, as a referral bonus. The more the better – this is the main principle if you deal with bonuses. This payment variant doesn’t impose any limitations on them, either.

Other bonuses, such as reload offer, cashback, free spins, or anything else can be received freely if you qualify for them. You aren’t limited to any particular sums or other conditions by Paysafe. Other types of limitations might exist, but they are not connected in any possible way with this payment provider.

Paysafe Benefits and Drawbacks

There are no perfect options, doesn’t matter what we are talking about. Thus, Paysafe is also not a perfect payment option even though a very convenient one.


  • Safety is no doubt one of the main pros of the method. You don’t give any data, just a special code to confirm the transfer;
  • Speed: your money come to the account instantly after the transfer confirmation;
  • Anonymity: nobody will ever know about the transfer unless you tell them;
  • It allows complete control over your hard-earned bucks: you cannot waste more than the sum you bought a voucher for.


  • It is not accepted by all the casinos. Thus, you need to find a provider that allows using this option;
  • It is not used in all the countries. You can pay with Paysafe only if you live in one of the countries where this payment method is legally accepted;
  • The deposits are limited to 100 Euro. This is the maximum voucher sum. If you decide to deposit more, buy several vouchers. Be careful with a welcome bonus though, especially if you want to get the maximum of it. And most likely, Paysafe is not the most convenient option for high-rollers;
  • Find a different way to withdraw your funds. Paysafe doesn’t accept any withdrawals.

Thus, Paysafe is a very good way to make deposits, however, some limitations do apply. If you aren’t fine with them, you are free to choose any other deposit option. In the very end, everything depends on you only.

PaysafeCard Alternatives

PaysafeCard is no doubt one of the most convenient and safest versions to pay. However, this is just not a version for everybody and for sure it cannot be applied for all the cases. What are the alternatives then?

If you are ok with providing your information for depositing, you can use just any payment method. Bank cards and transfers are still among the most common ways to send money to a gambling account and to cash the funds out. Considering that the websites of reliable casinos are very well protected, you can use these options.

For those who value anonymity above all but want to play with big sums, cryptocurrencies will comply with the requested requirements. Transactions in bitcoin, for instance, or any other cryptocurrency keep your identity in secret, just like in the case with Paysafe. However, if you pay in crypto, you can manipulate with incomparably higher sums than Paysafe would ever allow to. You pay for the crypto-benefits with fees though: in most cases, a transaction is not free, and in some cases, a transaction is not instant, either.

And if you need instant and transparent transactions, e-wallets are the best option. Be careful though with some of them, read the rules of the casino carefully. Some e-wallets cannot be used if you want bonuses.

PaysafeCard Casinos: Final Thoughts

Casinos that have accepted this provider for deposits are known for their top level of safety and reliability. This payment provider is known for working with the best companies only. Thus, its availability means that the casino is safe. This payment provider is absolutely safe. Nobody has access to any of your data. You just buy a special voucher and use it.

Paysafe is a great way to control your expenses. You cannot deposit more than the sum of a voucher. The minimum is just 5 Euro. It is a wonderful option for those who want to test the provider without any specific obligations. The maximum is 100 Euro. This is just the right amount for an average player.